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TEGAN AND SARA...a play by play

I woke up at 6:40, got dressed, ready to go, had some green tea and half a roll and rebecca picked me up.  We made it to the train station at around 8:10 and went into the store across the street.  I bought batteries and rebecca bought gum.  Then carolyn arrived and we bought our tickets. then we were like "WHERE THE FUCK IS KENDRA???" We saw her pull up and get out of the car.  She was walking really slow and we were like RUNNNNN and then we look to see that the train is coming and kendra is still getting her shit from the car.  We started freaking out and ran over to the train.  Kendra made it just in the knick of time.  Thus began the journey. 

We took the train to the city (with jada haitoff) and got there around 9:40.  Then we went to starbucks down the street for some grub and then caught the 4 train to 59 and Lex.  THen we took the N train in the wrong direction and ended up in Queensburo and had to go back.  We got to 57th and 7th and walked to 56th and 11th.  When we got to terminal 5 we saw that there was like 10 people there already and these cops were like: "who's playing tongiht?" and we're like "TEGAN AND SARA!" and they were like "oh, well those people beat you her by 5 hours".  5 HOURS!   So then we sat down and waited.  We waited from about 11am to 4pm and durring that time there was many bathroom walks, textbook reading (kendra) and pictures.  Also this really nice girl got everyone online pizza. 

Then at 4 the terminal 5 people started putting baracades up and told us to get in four lines.  This got everyone real excited until they realized that they still had to wait 3 more hours.  We played Zip Zap Zoom and yelled "MAVERICK" every so often in response to this group of girls that were also online.  We waited for another 3 hours and then they started letting us go in.  We ran up to the stage and got amazing spots in the center behind only one line of people (who were really nice and put our bags in front of them).  Then we waited for another hour for someone to come out and play some songs.  A total of 4 hours waiting. 

Girl in a coma came out and they really got the crowd going.  The leads eyes were bugging and she was pretty crazy.  Then City and Colour came out.  He was really cute, and had a beautiful voice, but i couldn't concentrate because i knew Tegan and Sara were coming soon.  When he finished his set i started to get really fucking excited i almost couldn't contain myself.  The sound people checked the sound and took WAY too long but before too long out came TEGAN AND SARA.  o.m.g. Kendra was freaking out, Carolyn was freaking out, I was freaking out, Rebecca was freaking out.  It was insane. 

They played "You would'nt like me" first and then started talking to the crowd.  Then played some other awesome songs from So Jealous and The Con.  They also played LIving Room and Umbrella and Superstar.  All goodiesssss.  I'm very happy to finally know what the song "Like O Like H" means, thanks to Sara's explanation of her awkward teenage years.  Sara talked most of the time and Tegan got a little pissed, especially when it was time to play her songs.  ~adorable~  Sara also talked about how smokin hot her mom is and Tegan was pretty disgusted.  They used themselves as propaganda to promote voting for Barack Obama to which we shouted Maverick once again.  Then they played "the con" and left the stage.  Tegan returned with Dallas from CIty and Colour and played a song they wrote together.  Then Sara came out and they played two more songs and then they were gone.....

Then we got our shit and hit up the merch table which took forever but eventually i was able to get a grey tshirt, their ep, and a poster of their FACES. 

We toook a cab to grand central because the subways were retarted.  Sitting down in that cab felt amazing.  We had been standing for 8 hours straight.  Then we caught the 12:06 train.

By the time I got home I was terribly terribly wonderfully exhausted.  i ate some cold pizza and went to sleep.  durring the night i had two major muscle spazms in my legs because they were so sore.  i didn't wake up until 3pm.




Katie Couric is NOT Amused

I suggest watching the full video, although it's painful as fuck. Especially her "alleged" experience in foreign policy. Ridiculous.



I've been thinking a lot about religion and just how fucked up the whole idea of it is. I mean i think of this all the time but i figured i would put my thoughts into words just this once. It bothers me, just religion in general. I know the intentions are good, but is there actually any good that comes out of it? I don't see why people can't just believe in good morals. I'm not opposed to god, and i wouldn't consider myself atheist, but i do feel that specifics in religion are just superstitions that people take too seriously. Christianity bothers me most. I don't see how people can be total assholes in everyday life, and then somehow cleanse themselves of all wrong by going to church. Just asking for forgiveness from a man who claims to be this "messenger" to God god. It's all guilt. That's what keeps religion alive.

It's true that people turn to religion when they are at the worst times in their life. It's understandable. Life can be difficult if you feel you have nothing to lean on or comfort you. But if it's temporary then it's not truly believing. It's a moment of weakness brought about because of fear. The result of prayer can be positive as much as it can negative. When the outcome works in a persons favor they rely on prayer as a solution for every mishap in their lives. The truth is that it is coincidence. Not prayer, not luck, not a higher being. Just coincidence.

I also find it absurd that millions and millions of people surround their whole lives around one book. One collection of short stories and beliefs told by several different people with several different opinions. The Bible. A so called "guideline" for good christian living. And yet probably less than 1/3 of these followers have even read it. I'm not saying one should have to read the whole thing, but, I find it hard to believe that someone can base their whole lives on a book that they haven't even opened. Especially women. There are plenty of sections in the bible that imply just how secondary women are to men. How "worthless" and "unclean" women are. Awful things. And judging by what I've read, it seems like Jesus was a real dick. Honestly. He would turn down people in need simply because of their beliefs. Is that your TRUE savior?? The one man you look up to?

You may disagree with me. You may feel that religion has done wonderful things for people and it's what makes the world go round, and that may be true. But religion does more harm than good. It turns people against each other. It sparks hate, and war, and cruelty. But we're all people, on one earth, all forced to cope with the challenges of life. So why can't we all just live in peace?

still tired

last night i went to sleep at 6:30am! W.T.F.

Today's my brothers birthday. My aunt and uncle came up with their large amount of children. I don't understand them. They are 48 years old and they just had another kid. They have a 23 year old, 20 year old, 14 year old, 5 year old, and 2 year old. What in gods fuck are they thinking? But anyway my mother made the mistake of saying "It's fucking hot out here" and now the 5 year old keeps repeating it. But anyway they left recently and took my brother with them to see Dark Knight and he'll probably stay over. My uncle also told me he would bring me Final Cut Pro and teach me how to use it. So that'll be coool.

My grandma absolutely insists on getting me a mac when i graduate high school so I'm very excited about that. And errr thats my entire day.

I'm gonna go watch season 4 of WEEDS even though they got rid of the catchy theme song at the beginning. I miss it. It may have been the only reason i watched the show.
I've never been so tired in my entire life. Last night i was wide awake. Couldn't sleep at all. I went out walking at 1am, 4:30am, and 6:30am. I didn't get to sleep until 8am. I slept until 1pm when my mother made me get up. I could fall asleep on a public bathroom floor right now. I want to go home.


My second cousin Maureen sent me pictures today on email of me and my brother when we visited her at Marist college. I was around 9 or 10 and my brother was about 5 or 6. It's pictures of us in her dorm room. WANNA SEE?!?



Ok Natalie, time to go home now.....please.

LOL my brothers wearing feety pajamas

ok enough with the peace signs or i'm gonna have to call your mom

You know what they say about big feet...


why do i set myself up for embarrassment?


me and kendra are thinking of some ideas for the silent short film we're gonna make this summer. Our way of doing something productive this summer i guess.

-polish inbred girl in nebraska, somethin with goats
-film where something is in the air that turns women into men
-asian film where this certain song kills people
-pale girl that everyone makes fun of and then she kills everyone
-film in which tampon eats peoples uterus'

i think we're getting somewhere


I had an ICEE on the way up to my grandmas house and also had pizza hut for dinner. I'm busting at the seems and i feel slightly nauseous. I'm so ashamed. I need moral support.

i found some old ass pictures of myself on this computer though (gmas mac)

So precious

The Chicks Dig the Uniform

Meet Oliver Twist. He has one eye. He's a mean little bastard.

4 Generations of Pale